Thursday, May 1, 2008

On a more serious note...

Isn't it ironic how geniuses are the target of both honor and ridicule?
Think about it. Geniuses get praised for their work right? Whether it be music composition, an art masterpiece, or hypothesis/theory, geniuses have their own concentration in which they are honored.
However...what they excel in one category, they often lack in another. For instance, aren't most "geniuses" socially inactive? Minus the few exceptions, ala Einstein, Warhol, Dali, etc., most geniuses live in a dark attic or cellar in which they conduct their works of art. (Just kidding about that last remark by the way. )
Point being, while they are hailed for their accomplishments, I'm sure people make fun of them behind their backs, and not because they're jealous, but because the honoree is probably a major weirdo.


Chris K. said...

I think it's ok, because the opposite of a brainy scientist is a sports star, right? But sports stars get made fun of all the time for stuff like rape and dog fighting, so it evens out.

jmartinez said...

Hahahaha, thanks for that observation.