Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Evolution of Language and Society

I find the connection that Vas makes between the evolution of language and the changing views of society very interesting. I was exploring this connection writing assignment 2.1 and I thought I would share some of the thoughts I had about it. I was looking mainly at the fold out page near the beginning of the book and the way it explores this connection. It seems to connect the difficulty square has in expressing what he wants to express in his story with the evolution of language itself. This is kind of summed up on the fold out page when it says "If it's in the language, it's in the thoughts." It's suggesting that the language of a society directly affects how people think. When Square is trying to write his story, it's sometimes difficult for him to express exactly what he's thinking since his language often represents the ideas of the society as a whole and is not necessarily ideally suited to expressing the thoughts of a particular person. This might be related to why so many great writers are known for their unique style of using the language to express themselves very clearly.

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christo said...

yeah definitely... language is extremely powerful... it affects your emotions and how successful you are etc.... neuro linguistic programming (NLP) uses this fact as therapy to get people over phobias and other disorders...check it out it's really interesting NLP is used in a number of additional ways too... if you've ever seen Derren Brown on sci fi channel he uses a lot of nlp techniques