Tuesday, March 4, 2008

This is Circle's Story (Part I)

Disclamer: This is me trying to make connections between the story and the more abstract text of the novel. I'm not saying that my way of interpreting is the "right" or only way, but I just wanted to share some of my ideas with you guys and see where you might agree or disagree with my theories.

Ok, so this is my (first) attempt to make sense of VAS (in 400 words or less). Even though Square is the protagonist of the novel, I think everything is actually centered around Circle.

I think I’ll try to start with the biological purpose of life – to survive and reproduce. Circle had Oval – reproductive mission accomplished, but she’s also had a miscarriage and C-section (I think). She’s also had an abortion so now, being fed up, she says it’s “Squares turn.” Why? Because at her age, getting pregnant would be a serious survival risk to her and the baby. Not to mention financial and emotional pressure that goes along with raising a child. All this together threatens her ability to survive and live comfortably.

What does this have to do with Square?

Well simply because Circle is the bread-winner(main provider) of the household therefore most likely giving her the most survival value in the house. It would be relatively more difficult for Square to secure food, water and shelter and almost impossible for Oval without Circle’s financial assets. Secondly, she already has passed on her genes, so she no longer needs Square’s reproductive contribution. She could just as easily have a procedure to keep her from getting pregnant again but since she makes the most money she gets to make the most decisions and Square goes under the knife. (I’m aware there are lot of holes in my theory already but hopefully some of you are kind of catching on to what I’m getting at).

Mother also plays a biological function trying to push Square and Circle to have more children. If Oval for some reason dies Circle does not pass on her genes and therefore does not pass on mother’s genes – the biological purpose of life. So essentially Circle is the key to the story.

To Be Continued...

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