Friday, March 28, 2008

Patterns Schmatterns

We talked in class about the patterns that seem to dictate Max's life. The general consensus was that patterns can be found in everything if you look for them... and that Max is fighting an uphill battle by trying to solve the stock market. It seems to me, though, that our lives are governed by patterns. Free will and conscious decision play a part but I believe the majority of our unconscious thought can be viewed as nothing more than patterns.

So are we all really as crazy as Max on a smaller scale? Everybody has something that they're passionate about... and that something more than likely has patterns that causes appeal. If you stop and think for just a moment you'll realize that your hobbies all contain certain patterns that you find intriguing. Of course we don't think about these patterns when we are in the midst of doing these activities but, nevertheless, they do exist.

The one thing I'm truly passionate about is baseball. I certainly don't have panic attacks when I think about baseball but the patterns of the game have made me absolutely obsessed with it. If I'm not playing it or watching it, I'm researching statistics and articles or playing fantasy baseball. I guess I can say that I'm "crazy"as Max is.

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christo said...

yeah i definitely think that everyone has the potential to be like max... everyone does have their passions and with the right amount of abuse, stress and/or tragic life situations, insanity can happen to anyone