Thursday, January 24, 2008

Conflicts in We

The conflicts we found in the book during this exercise were D503 vs. X (piano scene pg. 17, ancient house pg. 26-27), D503's conflict between wanting I330 or O (he seems to be more interested in I330 though he still seems to care somewhat for 0), D503's conflict of whether or not to turn in I330 (pg.30), transparency vs. privacy (during sex).

D503 vs. X: The reason he is confused is he is comfortable with solid solutions but he can't seem to figure out what X is.

Turn in I330 or not: He seems to care about I330 enough not to turn her in despite the fact that it is what he should do. This confuses him because he has always done what the One State expects from him.

Transparency vs. privacy: The One State is all about transparency and D503 wants to go by the rules but he seems to have an urge for more privacy -- especially in the scene with I330 when the shades are drawn.

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