Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ideas of conflict as seen in We

From this last reading we found many types of conflict! The main conflicts we found were

D-503 vs. 0-90: as seen in the 18 & 19th entries; How they feel different about each other with D-503 being very rude!
D-503 vs. Himself: as seen in the 17th entry; There are many times in the story where he constantly contradicts himslef.
I-330 vs. One State: 10th entry; I-330 was rebeloling against the One State by drinking and smoking.
D-503 vs. O-90 & R-13: 8th entry; D-503 is starting to look alienated from there little triangle of sort!

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Blackout said...

Conflict is awesome, but love triangles are terrible. Personal experience.