Friday, January 25, 2008

Pi is Exactly Three!

The environment that is established in the One State is one of absolute certainty. Every aspect of every day, minus the Personal Hours, is meticulously orchestrated to provide for maximum efficiency and fluidity. The collective good outweighs the rights of the citizens to such an extent that those who are deemed as a threat to society are eliminated. Knowing this, it seems as if D-503 is slowly but surely becoming a threat to the entity that is the One State. He "[can no longer fulfill his obligations to the One State]" because of his confused state of being, which can be directly linked to his relationship with I-330 (58). D-503's transformation from a state of self-assurance to one of utter denial illustrates the conflict that he has between his old self and new self. On one hand, he has always been a model citizen who has lived to serve the One State. However, his newfound 'soul' has lead to him to become rather uncertain in a 'world' of absolutes. The emergence of S, who "[follows D-503 everyday like a shadow]" also raises suspicion as to what is to come (86). The fact that D-503 is being monitored and that he is beginning to show signs of noncompliance and individuality makes me wonder what significant events are on the horizon. What will D-503 choose to believe and what will the end result of that decision be? Will he be like Professor Fink from The Simpsons and challenge the realm of mathematical absolutes? Only time will tell. Glayvin!


Sterbenz said...

you make some very interesting points. i just want to know if you noticed the connection between I and i. I-330 brought feelings and confusion that he only had when trying to comprehend the number i. doesn't it seem a bit weird, both of the things that bring D-503 away from the One State are i's.

PS. i love your title.

Crista said...


The "I" is not supposed to exist in the One State. On page 128 D-503 states that, "humility is a virtue, and pride a vice; "We" is from God, and "I" is from the devil".

It is intersting that I-330 starts with the letter "I". In our culture, people who behave in ways that society does not accept is considered devilish. I-330 in this context is definitely acting "devilish".