Friday, January 25, 2008

O and D vs the One State

I find it interesting that O-90 and D-503 are both beginning to stray farther and farther from the society of One State. They both seem to, even though it is harder to see O's perspective, value the One State and want to be ideal members. It seems to me that emotional connections, or sexual connections, have an impact on how these two citizens of the One State move away from the beaten path. I-330 has a lot to do with D's regression while D has a lot to do with O's. O's connection with D has caused her to want to have a baby with D against the One States laws.

"But I want, I must have your child-give me a child and I will go..." (p. 112)

The fact that she knows D does not see her the way she sees him makes her want the baby to feel close to him. You get a sense of O's feelings for D when R says,
"With me, it is nothing, you know, merely a pink coupon, but with you..." (p.62)

Now, the way I has made D develop a soul, and caused him to break many of the One State laws, I think, is much more apparent, and there are examples throughout the book so far. I am not going to bother with siting any of them. It seems though, that O and D are both going down a path where one or both of them could be struck down by the mighty hand of the great Benefactor.

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emma said...

i definitely noticed O's struggle throughout the book. poor thing, she's in love with D and as soon as I comes along, he puts O in the corner. at least he still had enough loyalty to her to give in to her request of wanting a baby with him (on second thought, was it loyalty to O, or a desire to do what he wasn't supposed to do?) i'm sure if I330 had asked this of him he would have complied much more quickly. perhaps this is why O is so drawn to D, because they're different from everyone else and break the rules, but D is attracted to I because her difference is more obvious, where O's is so subtle, D sometimes sees it as her being silly. it's a triangle. O, D, and I. or O, D, and the One State.