Thursday, January 24, 2008

Conflicts of We

There are many conflicts in We. One of the most prevelant is D-503's struggle with himself. When talking to R-13, D realizes that, "the real I said to I seized the other, the wild shaggy,panting one, by the scruff of his neck." Later, the doctor informs D that his "illness" is in fact a soul. D is terrified and as he "clung even more violently to the thin hand," and was "terrified of losing the lifeline." D realizes that he is different than everyone else, but is afraid to admit it.

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Blackout said...

this post had an R-13 tag on it so I wanted to comment. What is the use of a poet in a math based society? I know he writes about math, but the idea of poetry still seems useless in that society.