Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy Times or Good Times

I read Brian's Blog post and it reminded me of how amazing this semester really has been. I feel like a character, Ender, out of a novel called Ender's Game because I've learned so much through this class. Ender is a genius kid who gets enrolled in a school for smart kids who train to defeat the enemy. Ender is placed in lots of different scenarios and is a winner in almost all. At the end, (spoiler) it turns out he was actually orchestrating the allies and defeated the army in real life.

I feel like I've learned a lot in this class too just like Ender did at his school. From editing sentences to reorganizing papers altogether to blogging to working in a group has all been a great experience for me and my growth as a student. I don't think there is a trick ending to my semester performance like there was in Ender's Game but I hope there is a happy one.

I didn't know there was a connection between mathematics and literature but one that pops up in my head now is the question what will you do with a math degree or a literature degree or both? It's a difficult question to answer common to both fields...In my case I am just a math major and plan on going to graduate school for higher education after I work for a few years.


Kyle Caffey said...

I agree. I've also learned a ton. It has been a pleasure interacting with all. It has made my pursuit of knowledge much easier.

Brian M said...

I'm glad that I've been able to interact with nearly everybody in the classroom. It's made this course very enjoyable.

Lucia said...

I agree with everyone, which is usually a pretty hard thing to do! Also, I am not that into Sci-Fi, but I LOVE the Ender's game series.

Ellen M said...

It was fun! I learned a lot as well. It was nice to meet everyone and I hope you all have a great summer!