Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pi and Lost

Hey guys I'm back.

I had another random set of thoughts about Pi. I don't know how many people watch Lost, but there's some parallel ideas to some of the stuff in Pi. In Lost, there are these numbers that are kind of around throughout the show and no one knows what they mean. The numbers pop up in basically all aspects of the show and in really random places. It kind of touches on the same idea as max looking for the number 216, and finding it because he expects to find it. In the show, the numbers show up in so many places it would be impossible to really analyze every occurrence of them. In addition, since numbers can just show up at random, like as a character's jersey number or something, you can never really know if it's a legitimate connection to the meaning of the numbers. I thought this was similar to Max's teacher joking that it could take him 216 steps to get to his apartment. You can't tell which instances of the pattern are meaningful.


jmartinez said...

I agree. This ties back to the whole "making our own patterns" conversation we had in class. I'm sure we look for them and even sometimes make them happen.

Chris K. said...

The meaning of the numbers in Lost which was given in the Lost Experience is that the are the coefficients to the Valenzetti equation, which basically analyzes how much time remains until the end of humanity. Actually very similar now that I think about it. Good find!