Friday, April 4, 2008

Sacred Geometry

One thing I'm surprised we haven't talked about is sacred geometry. It has been incorporated into sacred architecture and art. It is believed to be tied in to music, the cosmos, and nature as well. Because of this, it has also been used religiously to structure temples, mosques, churches, etc. There are many symbols and forms such as the tree of life, the spiral, the pentagram, and more. Many of these symbols can be found in many religions because some define sacred geometry as the language of God.
Point being, one of these symbols ties in to the movie Pi; the spiral. It is known as the golden ratio, golden mean, golden proportion, yadda yadda yadda. It can be found in many of Da Vinci's art pieces, as well as the Great Pyramids, and even the Milky Way Galaxy. However, all of this deals with Phi, not Pi.
Point being, because these symbols and forms have been used throughout history, is it such a coincidence we can find a pattern anywhere? I can see how back then, finding these in nature was unbelievable, and it still is today, but can we relate this bewilderment to art and architecture, much of which has been inspired and transformed by sacred geometry?


Sterbenz said...

that is a very excellent point. if humans had always been interested in these sacred geometries and used them then it is not a coincidence at all that we still have them today. these geometrical forms are just so ingrained today that most things that we do should just naturally tend to one of them, solely because of memory and habit.

Haseeb A. said...

I're making a great point. The Early Greeks and Arabs also made architectural and religious buildings using sacred geometry.