Tuesday, April 22, 2008

how did i do this???

How indeed? Somehow through all the stuff that has been going on i seem to have forgotten to do two of the blog posts, and that should just not happen. first of all i would like to apoligize for being so tardy with the work. it never should have been done this late, and i was so on top of it all earlier in the semester.

Now that is all done, what to talk about??? I know John Nash... screw that how about Ron Howard and the A Beautiful Mind movie. Since that is the basic topic of my groups paper, we are the sine waves if you didn't know. For the first time ever, for me at least, i watched the director commentary on a movie. And you know it wasn't all that bad. Ron Howards voice is definitely funny to listen to as you watch the character's mouths move. i kept trying to match up what he was saying to what they were mouthing, but it never worked. I did learn a lot of stuff though, even while being amused and distracted. For example, Ron Howard pointed out that all of the imaginary characters show up in the same way, a very formulaic way in fact, that i never noticed. It goes a bit like this: a sound is heard of screen, then the character is introduced from John's POV, then the movie can do normal movie stuff. I have seen this movie multiple times and never noticed that pattern, although it was a bit hidden behing Ron's other uses of POV which come in handy for his other situations. He also pointed out something of a dead give away that had also never occured to me, that being the seen where Marcey runs through a flock of pigeons and not one of them moves or flies away.

I think that i am going to start watching more commentaries to see why directors do certain things. i found it informative and interesting, plus it is just a way to watch the same movie over again and not be as board, because new stuff is actually happening.

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