Monday, April 21, 2008


I have been trying for a while now to come up with some witty, math-related title for this blog post, but to no avail. Maybe it will come to me by the end of the post. But, I didn't want to be left out in including my final thoughts of the class in the blog. So here goes:

This semester, I was originally signed up for M372K, Partial Differential Equations and Applications, TTH 12:30-2. However, after no more than three class periods in the class, I realized the class was more Physics than I cared for and I dropped it. I happened to stumble apon Literature and Mathematics in the Course Schedule in the same time slot, and I needed my second writing component class, so I figured it would be an interesting course to take. To my surprise, after a couple classes, I was possibly more intimidated by this class than I was Partial Differential Equations. The thought that I would write an essay arguing my grade seemed to be a daunting task and gave me even more control over my success or failure in the class, rather than just doing homework assignments the night before they are due. Also, I had not been assigned reading from a novel since my senior year in high school, so I wasn't so sure about that one. I mean, I came to college to study Engineering, and even though I switched to Mathematics last year, I still did not expect to be persuading a teacher to give me an A in any way other than my performance on homeworks and exams.

Regardless, it has been an interesting class, to say the least, and I think I have used portions of my brain that had been dormant for a while, which is always a good feeling. The class has also caused me to think about new things and old things in a different manner. I have long been one to get lost in my head and just think about something endlessly and formulate my own opinions and theories. The class discussions we had were very similar to the conversations I have with myself often and it was fun to be able to vocalize such hypothetical thoughts with someone other than my two cats who care much less about my thoughts about mental illnesses and abortion than they do about when I am going to feed them.

As seems to be a common sentiment with several people in the class who are heading in the Pure Mathematics direction, I have no clue where I will be 5 years from now, but I hope to do Teach for America when I graduate and then would like to have the opportunity to teach in foreign countries. I feel knowing English, Math, and, with some brushing up, Spanish, I have some valuable skills that can take me anywhere I would like to go. Or at least I can hope.

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Sterbenz said...

I have to first say that i admire anyone that wants to become a teacher, since i always look at the more hassle points of the job. Also, i found this course the same way you did even though i was changing out of a very different course. The final LR may still seem intimidating, it is to me at least, but with all the time i assume you spent writing and revising papers at least now you know what John expects, so it can't seem as daunting now.