Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Probably the last post to go on this one

Once again i forgot to do a post, in fact this is number two that slipped my mind. so i better make this one good and very informative because i know that every person in the entire class is just itching to see what i have to say ;-). Man, i do sound arrogant sometimes.

Now, what to talk about to entertain all of John, being that you will probably be the only person to read this. Ah... i've got it. This post will be all about lions and tigers and bears... NAH.

How 'bout i just talk about something more relavant like how my group worked on our paper. Well i must say that is a fantastic idea and i thank you for suggesting it John.

My group, being Cheney, Haseeb, and I, worked together quite well if i can say so myself. There was no exact leader, although Cheney did lead the conversations. The work was split up evenly and finished to the same caliber, or i would think that it is. Our paper is basically a close reading on A Beautiful Mind and compares it to what we found about John Nash's real life. it basically goes a bit like this, there are three parts we are focusing on Nash's: student and work life, his relationships with family and friends, and his hallucinations. We then took each one of these and split it up to something like this: what actually happened, what the movie portrays, why they are different, and analysis. although looking at our work the why and analysis are pretty much squished together because we have so much info to work with. Now that you know what our basic paper will look like i hope you enjoy it on Thursday, because reading stuff that you don't enjoy just isn't fun

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