Monday, April 14, 2008

Mathematicians are Pretty Crazy

Can crazy people be successful mathematicians? This is an important question to ask because it determines whether mentally handicapped students in schools have the capability of reaching their potential, competing at high levels with students without mental disorders. I did some research and discovered that some scientists have been successful in their endeavors even though they have faced difficult mental illnesses. These scientists include Turing, Newton, Cantor, and Godel.

My mom has a mental disorder and she is a mathematician teaching 8th graders. She plays with numbers all the time. No fun. No romance in life. She has no sense of where she is driving sometimes. She knows how to cook a few foods but that's about it. But these people they also have their life.

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Sterbenz said...

That is interesting to think about, crazy people being good students. but that all really depends on your definition of "good" and what they are studying, and that actually works for anyone and not just the mentally handicapped. I knew a mentally handicapped girl who was actually a very good musician, and i mean very good. She just picked up a little kids xylophone and played an entire song flawlessly. Mental handicaps are definitely things that can hinder people, but they can still do great things and learn just like other people.