Monday, April 7, 2008

Pi's crazy ending, my views

I kinda forgot to write one or two of these so i am going to be doing a bit of catching up today.

first i would like to talk about the ending of Pi and all of my views on what actually happened. One of the parts that struck me was that Max looks up at the sky at the very end. Seemingly unimportant, it should be actually very important. i don't know if i am remembering wrong, but the only other time Max looks up is when watching the stock ticker at night after chasing the camera guy. Max lives in a dark world with no friends and little contact with the outside world. after deciding his brain needs an air hole Max's world does a 180. he is outside in a bright world, happy with everything ( or he seems that way) and actually hanging out with someone ( even if it is just the little neighbor girl). this led me to a few different conclusions.

1) He actually drilled himself and somehow got better. this is very unlikely and probably not what happened.

2) The drilling was all just another dream and he just found a way to use his brain power to suppress or destroy the part of the brain causing all the problems. this leads to two different conclusions.
a) he succeeds and lives a happy and normal life
b) he fails and ends up just getting stuck in his head and the ending is just another one of his pain or drug induced dreams.
both of these still seem a bit unlikely to me

3) Max drills into his head and ends up killing himself. this is my favorite interpretation of the ending. it makes the most sense. the looking into the sunny sky for instance, which was always kept away, him being a "normal" person, and even the fact that he is happy. i think this is how it all went down. Max commits suicided by drilling open his head and then goes into the his version of a perfect afterlife. Sweet, simple and happy

But these are just my thoughts and probably no where near what actually went down. just thought people might want to know...


Haseeb A. said...

I really liked your interpretation of the ending (referring to #3). I can see it being an afterlife or just a pleasant life after his drilling because he is happy, in my opinion, mostly since he isn't consumed by anything anymore (including math).

Brian M said...

I'm not a doctor, nor do I play one on t.v., but I think that if he would have drilled into his head in the manner that was depicted, he would have more than likely have died.

I'm still on the fence as to how we're supposed to interpret this scene. Max was a crazy guy and this was a crazy conclusion to the film.

Crista said...

I never considered the possibility that Max actually died. Out of all the options I think your option 3 makes the most sense. I don't think it is possible for a person to be that messed up and then be normal so quickly.

Crista said... I'm thinking...did he have hair at the end when he was with the little girl? Or was he bald? This may give us some more clues as to the actual outcome.

emma said...

i definitely think max killed himself, but i wonder if he did it intentionally, or if he believed he was dreaming again. did he ever realize he was dreaming though? i wish this movie came with a manual guide on how to interpret all these crazy scenes. i also think the ending scene was his version of heaven.

Lucia said...

"Max drills into his head and ends up killing himself."
I actually found this literal interpretation a little funny. After discussing all the possible metaphors and hidden meanings, it is rather amusing to think that maybe he just dies.