Friday, April 18, 2008


So I could use this valuable blog time to good use by writing on my paper topic but I'm not really in the mood for that so like those before me I guess I’ll reflect on this class. When I registered for classes I needed a writing class and I didn’t really care which one I signed up for so I picked the one with the coolest name. That class called “Midnight Sun People” turned out to be a Scandinavian studies class focusing on the native Sami people of the north. Yeah big mistake. I saw this class on the list of available writing classes and kept passing over it because I was thinking I’m already signed up for three math classes why take a fourth class relating to math when I could take a writing class on any topic. However the subject kept intriguing me so I gave in and switched into Literature and Mathematics.

I’m really glad I did. The class turned out to be a really good outlet for seeing math in a real world setting. Well the world of Max and the “utopia” of We may not exactly be real world scenarios but I was able to learn about patterns and the potential negative aspects of technology mixed with governmental control. I never really approached math in this sort of way and this class has been a sort of release from the headache of complex analysis and number theory. It’s also been good to learn that if I dive deep enough in to my studies it’s quite possible that I’ll be driven insane. Anyway it’s been fun. Good luck to everyone on finals and whatnot.


Miguel said...

haha, yeah, I signed up for Partial Differential Equations and Applications, but... as it turned out to be basically a Physics course and nothing I was even remotely interested in, I dropped it and found this course in the same time slot by chance. Boy, I sure am glad I made that choice.

Crista said...

I'm really glad I selected this class too. I liked the class discussions. It seemed like most people were kind of shy about the class discussion stuff, but I really liked that part of the class. I like hearing what everyone had to say. I also thought that We and Vas were pretty cool. Yes, I guess I'm one of the weird ones that actually liked Vas.