Friday, February 8, 2008

confused in flatland

i really hope i'm not the only person incredibly confused by this book. as i read it, i felt like all the information i was trying to absorb was just not sinking in, but while we were discussing it in class, everything started falling into place and my mind finally made all the connections. but i don't think it's going to get any easier. i like that the book has a bunch of random facts-well, they're not random for the book/square because they all connect to the storyline, but random to me. for example, the information about the languages of the world starting on page 75 and going up to 80, that stuff is really interesting. i haven't read any further than that yet, but i've got a couple of questions so far, if anyone can answer them, that'd be great!

  • do we know what square's book is about yet?
  • are all the random "facts" true? (example, page 79 the Neopilina adenensis mollusk info)
  • did anyone else notice that the "x" factor came up again in this book? (page 56) just thought that was interesting because of our previous reading.
so, mostly i'm confused but this book is pretty interesting. i think reading other people's blogs will help me understand it better.


Kyle Caffey said...

It is not clear to me yet what Square's book is about. We know it is a "simple story"...

Brian M said...

This is one of the most interesting books I have ever read. Like you, I've found myself questioning nearly everything and not finding many answers in the process.

I have a clue as to what the main plot is but I'm still trying to figure out the rest. I really like how engaging this book is becoming.

Miguel said...

I agree, it is very unclear to me what exactly Square's book is about, other than the fact that it includes various academic and other famous quotes from history and pop culture. Also, we know that it is similar to We as far as population control and vasectomies, a more progressive society which works to curb out of control population growth.