Friday, February 22, 2008

My boobs are fine...and so are yours

There are women who are born with the “perfect” Miss America body and the “perfect” Colgate smile and the most beautiful “Pantene” hair and they still think something is wrong with them. They will look in the mirror and think, “Gosh I wish my hair were lighter, or longer, or curlier, or whatever. Anything but me. Anything but what I look like.” Why are we like this? Why do we as humans hate ourselves so much? Why can’t we just love our big butt and our small breasts and our hairy back and our yellow teeth? Where does all of this self hatred come from?

Yes we can utilize all this genetic stuff so we can make our babies look a certain way, but can we genetically make people love themselves? This baby menu thing really disturbs me. “Yes waiter, I’ll take the fair skin, blond genius type. Oh, and easy on the alcoholic tendencies.” Ok. So then we pick out the perfect baby on paper, and then what? You get a kid who wishes they had brown hair and dark skin because that is what is in style. Will we ever be able to win this game? Will we ever be able just accept ourselves?

Is this tendency towards non acceptance a genetic disorder? Can we use genetic engineering to week this tendency out? Maybe we should. But then accepting ourselves will be out of style so then we will need to manipulate our genes again.

Will we ever get it right?


Kyle Caffey said...

It is amazing that people place their value in the way they look. I certainly hope, for my sake, that humans have value that goes deeper than the skin.
I don't think that we will ever get it right. There will always be discontent. We humans unfortunately will always have a case of the "grass is greener on the other side" syndrome.

Sterbenz said...

Well your assumptions seem spot on. Beautiful people never believe they are beautiful, which is a bit weird. Maybe there is a gene that will be able to change our perception of ourselves or even better we could make like morph able people. People that can change their hair or eye color or maybe even skin color using nanobots, but that is just getting a bit out of hand if you ask me.

jmartinez said...

I think it's hard for people to be satisfied. We're always looking for something better. Maybe we should all get lobotomies. Is that a plausible solution?

Miguel said...

There are some people who believe they are beautiful, but then when they are over-confident about it, their attitude makes them ugly and annoying to be around. A lot of this insecurity comes from not being able to devote the time to keeping ourselves healthy while we are busy doing jobs and other activities required of us but not enjoyable. Being outside and enjoying exercise and the movement of your body helps you realize how amazing the body you have is and relieves many of the insecurities brought on by hearing about other people living their lives all day rather than living your own.

emma said...

i agree with what you're saying. people are insatiable and when they get something that they want, they just think of something else that they want. there's a saying about the food on the other person's plate always looks so much better than yours. it's a trend that doesn't seem to be fading away anytime soon. but miguel has a really good point that some people can be extremely conceited and cocky about themselves. there doesn't seem to be a happy medium.