Friday, February 22, 2008

The Eye of The Beholder

The concept of beauty is ultimately decided by each individual...

With this is mind, I think it's fascinating how the perception of beauty has changed over time. Here are some examples:

In the 15th century, women would pluck their hairlines to make their foreheads seem higher. Also, men and women would die their hair blonde because it was a symbol of high class.

In the 18th century, men wore white-powdered wigs and women wore elaborate coiffures. Pasty skin was viewed as very attractive.

The turn of the 20th century brought about a new sense of freedom for women. They fashioned a bobbed hairstyle and wore a great deal of makeup. Men wore suits and parted their hair in the center.

And finally, the 1980's! From jheri curls to mullets to big hair, anything in excess was hip.

Just with these few eras mentioned, most of you will agree with me that the perception of beauty will never be stagnant. Styles and fashions that we think are cool now will certainly be laughable will looked back upon years from now.

So I kind of want this blog to be an open forum for all of us to share our views on what we think beauty is or is not.

Is this what beauty is?

Is Kate Moss beautiful?

I think this could lead to a rather interesting discussion.



christo said...

yeah i agree that style and fashion changes and the idea of beauty somewhat changes but only to a certain degree... i dont think anyone that is looked upon as beautiful today would be looked upon as ugly a hundred years ago and vice versa.. and i dont think that anyone that is looked upon as ugly today would be looked upon as pretty a hundred years ago.. it is obvious that the idea of beauty is evolving.. but evolving for the better? i think so but of course my opinion is a bit biased

Kyle Caffey said...

Beauty is in the eye...
This statement has many implications. Couldn't it be that beauty is in the object being perceived but that certain people are unbale to perceive it. Why is the beauty assumed to be in the eye of the beholder? Once again this touches on the question of whether or not there exists something beyond the physical and material realm. If there is not, then beauty is just chemicals in the brain.

Crista said...

Check out this hot chick who lived during the Renaissance.

She would definitely not be considered beautiful today. Back then being plump meant you were rich and had planty to eat. Being pale meant you were able to sit in doors all day and that you were a part of the elite. Having wide hips meant that you were good to make babies with.

Kate Moss would have been considered the ugliest of the ugly back then.

jmartinez said...

I think that our perception from beauty comes from the media, which in turn reflects culture. However, people like different things in others' that might not reflect what is "hot", which ties in to you're saying.