Friday, February 15, 2008

There is always a #2

Throughout Vas, there is a theme of the strong survive, and humans should genetically engineer themselves and let only "desireable people to breed" to be the strongest they can be (Tomasula 150). It seems to me that Tomasula is sees simularities in how Cro-Mags "decide[d] where to put the trenches while the dirtier, more dangerous job of diggering the trenches and killing the beast had fallen with the equal ease to Neanderthals," and also how "European peoples were mixtures of three original races: Mordics, a reace of soldiers, organizers, and aristocrats [...]; Alpines, who were submissive to authority [...]; and Mediterraneans, "The perfect slave, the ideal serf"" (Tomasula 173; 152). There is an assosiation between how the stronger, smarter, better bread peoples end up at the top of the social and physical ladder. It seems that, in this book, they are trying to cut out all the weaker people through genetics, as to only have the top group. Here it seems there is a contradiction. I don't think there will ever be just one group. There will always be a weaker group relative to the strongest. It is just a matter of how strong we make the weaker group. Inevitably there is no way around this. The more and more we engineer people to be better there will alway be the people who like square, feel like Neanderthals, regardless of how advanced they are compared to the present day human.

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