Friday, February 29, 2008

Pretty Pictures from P. 188-292

I really liked two pictures from last week's reading.

On p.194, the poster publicizing the play "The Black Stork" is really attractive. I would love to see a play like that if they were showing that today. There was a Dr. Harry Haiselden who helped kill defective newborns. When I read the text, I was really surprised eugenics was discussed at that time and so publicly because I feel it is a serious matter. The picture seems humorous yet sad at the same time. Humorous because it is a cartoon figure and I get the feeling it may be a satire. Sad because of the despairing look in the stork's eyes...the desperate baby's face...and the hurtful sign on the door "Black Stork Babies Not Treated!"

On p. 228, the family tree with the beans is really sweet. I'm not sure I really understand how the round gene is passed on to create a round offspring from the family tree but I can see this is probably Oval's work. The expressions on the beans are really funny.

If anyone can point out any other appealing pictures in the novel that'll be great.


Miguel said...

I liked the pictures of the moths rotating around the light on 133, 135, and 137. I have always been fascinated by flies and moths and what not and would watch them intently as a child, and now I find the golden ratio to be incredible and very beautiful as well, so it ties the two ideas together.

jmartinez said...

I agree that the stork picture as pretty funny, yet not so funny. I really liked how the "MAN" origami formed an ape and the "APE" formed a man's shirt towards the end of the book.