Friday, February 29, 2008

Vas Rant

So I never really got into this book. I don’t think the storyline was interesting enough to draw a reader into the novel. I understand it wasn’t about the storyline so much as it was a social critique of sorts and the storyline allowed for that expansion in the book. However, I thought the plot was weak and the characters not very well developed. The book may be enlightening but I wished it were more interesting. Also even the streams of thought took it a bit too far. Everything is open to interpretation but some of the asides seemed unable to be interpreted. Sometimes while reading Vas I felt like I was looking at a red circle on a canvas, the modern art masterpiece. I enjoy lots of aspects of modern art but there are definitely pieces in my opinion that evoke more emotion.

One aspect of the book that I did enjoy was the word lineage and language evolution that occurred again and again in the book. I found all of those facts interesting. Maybe the intent of the author was to pull in as much information as possible so that there would be a section that interested everyone. Which I guess brings me to the question of what was your favorite info in the book? Did it draw you into the story more, or did you also just find yourself skipping pages to get to the end?


Ian B said...
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Haseeb A. said...

My favorite part of the novel was Circle and Square's storyline and specifically the part where Circle tells Mother about the abortion. It was so suspenseful and the talk was very realistic.

Blackout said...

I most enjoyed the Square/Circle storyline of the book because it was easiest for me to understand but I think the other parts were a lot more thought-provoking. If I had the time or the interest I would definitely go back and try to make more sense of it all.