Thursday, February 7, 2008


Vas is definitely one of the stanger books I have read. Starting off I had no clue what I was getting myself into. I had heard nothing about the book, not even how weird it was. The first few pages I couldn't tell what parts were the story or what the heck all the other quotes and diagrams were. After reading the first section, I am beginning to get used to the layout of the book. It is easy to tell where the actual fiction part of the story is by where it is on the page and how it is presented. I finally realized, after the discussion today in class, that the lighter, smaller print in the margins around the actual story is sort of his inner monologue or what his brain is thinking at that time. I also find it interesting that the names of the characters are circle, square and oval. They are so simple, and I find it very easy to keep track of the characters so far.

All the little quotes and information Tomasula gives is very interesting and I hope it ties thing together later on in the book. Right now, I am a little confused as to where the story will be going, and what part the facts are going to play in the overall scheme. There seems to be an overall theme about the history of evolution of humans, such as language and genes and DNA. Im sure all the talk about genes, ancestors and evolution will have something to do with square and circle's kid oval, or something to do with squares visectomy. This book is definitely keeping me interested becasue it is like nothing I have seen before. I am anxious to see where it goes.

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christo said...

yeah i like the names too.. names would run out really quickly though especially for girls... circle, oval, what other completely rounded shapes are there???