Friday, February 8, 2008

Snip, Snip

The first 81 pages of Vas have introduced us to Square and his "dilemma". Like Peter Griffin, Square seems to be somewhat uneasy about having a vasectomy performed on. He will become sterile if he has the procedure, protecting his wife in the process. However, I, like many guys, know how difficult a decision like this must be, especially since Square still has the ability to reproduce.

This initial conflict that rests between Square and Circle seems like it will introduce one of the main themes for the rest of the book. I think that Square will have the Vasectomy but feel as if he has lost his identity because of it. The fact that this book is written in the forms of a novel, poetry, short story, comic book, etc. illustrates, to me at least, the struggles that Square is bound to have with this procedure...and the lasting effects of it.

The procedure is "[just a little snip]" to Circle, but it is much more than that to Square (15). I think that women feel the same about tubal ligation. It is somewhat unnerving knowing that your ability to reproduce is suddenly nullified and that your "so-called" reason for living is no more.

What would you do if you were in Square's position?

Would it not benefit society if he had a vasectomy?

Will Square lose his identity if he has this procedure done?

Does anybody enjoy long walks on the beach?


Ian B said...

I nearly got a vasectomy when I was 18... and liberal. Now I'm super glad I didn't. Overpopulation smoverpopulation.

jmartinez said...

I put myself in Square's position when reading through this part. I totally understand why he's so hesitant. It's like losing your masculinity.

Alyssa said...

Not being a guy, I can't possibly understand. But theoretically I see the conflict as on par with a woman's right to choose. Both depend completely on the individual's perspective and emotions.

I'm from North Texas--what's a beach?

Cheney said...

I understand a guys fear of a procedure in this case but (I might be totally out of hand in saying this) isn't this no big deal compared to having a baby... I kind of feel like it is the guys responsibility in a family situation like this. Square even talks about the ways that circle's body has been affected by her pregnancies. The scars she has and the surgery she went through and the many months she spent with morning sickness, heartburn, back pain etc.

Haseeb A. said...

I didn't realize a decision about going through with a vasectomy could be so difficult. If I was in Square's position, I would do it. There was a description that Square has aged. Further, Circle who probably wants the best for the marriage wants Square to do it.

I would be reluctant to go through with a vasectomy if I felt separation/divorce with my spouse was on its way. Are vasectomies reversible?