Friday, February 1, 2008

The Undenieable "I"

After pretty much finishing this book i thought of something very interesting. I think that D-503 had the capability of change and grow a soul all along. What got me most interested in this was the number of "I"s used. This peaked my interest because of the other literature mentioned in the book: Daily Odes to the Benefactor, Red Flowers of Court Sentences, and Stanzas in Sexual Hygiene. None of those books seem to have any reference to the personal feelings or doings of their authors. D-503's journal has almost all to do with that, which I didn't really notice until about the twelfth entry; it starts with " I have the constant feeling: I will recover, I can recover." After reading this I decided to go back through all the entries and just look for "I"s. In a society like the One State there should be no "I." D-503 makes a similar comment when he speaks of O wanting a baby of her own, or having D be hers. "My" and "mine" don't exist in the One State so why should "I." Here I think back to the borg who had a similar society. Once a being was assimilated it lost its lone identity and became one of them. In the Star Trek movie they are defeated when the assimilated remember their lone identities and fight back. D-503 has his lone identity from the very beginning. The very first words of the book are "I shall simply copy,...". He does not say "here are the words from this book" or " our beliefs lie in this" or even " the great benefactor has taught us"; D-503 introduces himself as a lone identity, an important identity. This should show us that from the very beginning D-503 is different from the rest of the "normal society" and that he has something or is capable of something that others are not. The run in with I-330 didn't cause D-503 to grow his soul or question his society, it just sped up the process. Left by himself D-503 would have started questioning things, eventually, but maybe in a bit of a different way. but that is just what i think.

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Cheney said...

I noticed the same thing about halfway through the book and then I almost imagined the I's seemed bolder than the rest of the letters. I know it was the same but I found it interesting that the book had this effect on me. I was now so focused on all of the I's I enhanced them in my mind. I definitely think this shows that D-503 had a subconscious sense of self.