Friday, February 8, 2008


I’m fairly certain that the title of Vas refers to vas deferens, an important part of human male reproductive equipment. The vas deferentia are severed during the deferentectomy procedure, also commonly known as a vasectomy.

According to one study, a very small percentage of men who undergo the procedure report a decrease in libido or orgasm, and a vast majority of men would recommend the procedure to others.[1] Other studies report slightly different results.[2]

Apparently there is a chance that a patient may develop chronic testicular pain after a vasectomy.[3] Ouch. One study even claimed to have found a link between having a vasectomy and developing a rare form of dementia.[4] Yikes.

I’m not sure what I intended to accomplish when I began writing this post other than to shed some light on the procedure that Square faces in Vas. I knew a little bit about how the procedure worked before I started, but I knew nothing about the after effects of the operation. The Planned Parenthood website has some interesting things to say on the subject. For example, the vasectomy article on the website clearly states that “vasectomy does not affect masculinity”[5]. I can imagine the anxiety a man might feel before undergoing this procedure, but never did I think about a man’s masculinity being called into question post-op.

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Brian M said...

The thought of having a vasectomy is pretty scary to me. I feel like I wouldn't be the same guy after I had it done.