Friday, February 8, 2008

Vas a la opera, Voy leer mas...

this book is terribly confusing. In it there is a story, a book, a string of thoughts, and a long set of some how interconnected quotes. The quotes personally interest me most. It reminds me of Montaigne, which i read that semester. He is basically the inventor of the essay. He wrote down a bunch of his own ideas and supported then with quotes from famous philosophers and scientists. This was used to give Montaigne legitimacy. The quotes in Vas look to me to be doing a very similar thing. The quotes are related to the ideas of Square(?), the author of the side notes. They are used to give legitimacy to what he is saying. The quotes seem to be loosely associated with what is being said in the actual story, but without the side notes they would hardly make sense. These quotes are also similar to Montaigne's because they use many of the same sort of authors. Also i don't know if i am the only one, but i am more interested in the side notes then the actual story. They remind me of someone reading a novel and taking notes on what they deem important. They also seem to be a bit funny if you read them at certain times. There is one part, i don't remember exactly where, when Square is talking to Circle and she is talking about a story. The side not interjects saying "a common story, " and then continues. The side notes continually interject funny little quips about the story while still maintaining a continuous thought flow of their own. i just think that is cool.

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