Friday, February 15, 2008

The Perfect Gene

Vas presents a question to modern day society as to given the choice whether or not we would choose to genetically engineer our children. Parents always claim to want what’s best for their children but to what extent? I try to imagine a world where all children don’t have physical or mental imperfections, where everyone makes straight A’s, so that life would be easier for the children. The problem with this is that there would still be competition. There would still be one sports team that beat all of the other sports teams. There would still be someone picked last in sides. There would still be kids who get picked on, and someone who makes the best grades. What problems then would have been solved by engineering genetics?

Another obvious problem as was mentioned in blogs about We would be the creation of a stagnant society. If everyone is generally the same generally happy there would be no progression. The concept of brainstorming requires a group to think up different ideas and to play off other ideas to find the best idea. If everyone is thinking about the same there wouldn't be the diversity, the key ingredient, to coming up with good ideas. Also advances in society generally stem from some type of problem or disadvantage in society, and without these in existence, society would not progress.

One could argue also that society needs people to do construction and clean the streets and work the drive through at McDonalds. If everyone is one the same level no one would want to do these jobs. All in all it seems apparent that society needs diversity. It sounds weird to say but society needs genetically handicap people as much as it needs “perfect people”.


Kyle Caffey said...

I agree. It seems that a society in which everyone is similar would get old. The ability to break the mold is what makes a human special. If you take away this, you take away what makes us human.

Haseeb A. said...

Great blog post. The novel, Flowers for Algernon, comes to my mind because in it, there's a mentally retarded man who undergoes an experiment to become intelligent. Just like how genetic engineering changes a person's appearance, personality, intelligence, etc.