Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ants in my pants!

Ants. Pants. Dance. Trance. France. Lance. Chance.
in my...make me..... to....... in............with.... if i get the.

Moving on.
So turns out Family Guy took off all of it's videos from YouTube. Damn. I think most of you know which clip I would've used for my last post regarding wheelchair sex. "Oh, oh, oh. Yes, right there. Oh. Stop, you're hurting me. Oh." Point being, I hope yall enjoyed the video I posted up instead, I thought it was hilarious.
My regards.

So what am I going to talk about in this blog? Hmmm, how paper!?

Ok. So it had it's ups and downs, pros and cons, goods and bads, kicks and rips (I don't know, I made this one up).
For starters, a 6-8 page paper is a hell of a lot easier to write when you have 3-4 people writing it. I had an 8-10 pager due last semester and just let me say it took a loooong time. Having 3-4 people collaborating on a paper cuts that time in half.
However collaboration is not always a good thing, especially if you're used to working by yourself, like I'm sure most of us are. (Is "are" a preposition? Can I end the sentence in it?)
Anyways, collaboration is weird. Sometimes there's just too many ideas out there and funneling them into a single paper can be hectic. Either everyone wants the paper to be done their way or no one wants the paper a certain way, either way nothing gets done. Despite this, when it comes to crunch time any group will do pretty much whatever it takes just to finish the project and turn in something that resembles a complete paper.

Til next time...(which is in about 5 minutes( I still need like 1-3 more blogs))

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chris said...

"Are" is a verb, so I think that's safe to end your sentence with.