Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Einstein is my homeboy

So while working on our group paper, I was assigned to do some research on the Stein man. It turns out this guy was a player! No joke. He had a bunch of girlfriends and eventually he got married, but that didn't stop him from having sanchas. I'm shocked. Really. Last time I checked, the connotation of Einstein was nerd, geek, etc., not gangsta, playa. I think the word "Einstein" needs a realty check. It should be associated with "Ballin'" and "Krunk". Some good examples could be "Damn, that is Einstein!" or "Yeah, I'm pimpin' it like Einstein." Anyways, back to Einstein himself. Did you know he even got it on with movie stars? Shyeah, true story. ALL the ladies were all over him, and their boyfriends were all player haters. Moral of the story: brains can equal brawn, you just gotta have more than everyone else.

Except Stephen Hawking! That guy is in a wheelchair and uses a computer to talk. I don't think many women find that attractive. Unless they're in a wheelchair using computers to talk as well. Hmmm.

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Chris K. said...

How did you even come across a video like that? Perfect example of Rule 34 I guess...